Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It was a very old book of black leather and rather

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Unformatted text preview: . We'll begin collecting these research materials for you immediately." I went home to our fine lodgings in New Town. Mary Beth had still not come back. I sat alone in our suite, a com- fortable pair of bedrooms and a sitting room in between, andTdrank 337 my sherry and wrote down all that I could remember of what the man had told me. It was cold in these rooms. It would be cold in the glen. But I had to go there. The saint, the fairies, it's all mixed up, I thought. Then, in the silence, a feeling stole over me. Lasher was near. Lasher was in the room, and he knew my thoughts, and was close to me. "Are you there, beloved?" I asked casually as I jotted down the last few words. "So they gave you his name," he said in his secret voice. "Petyr van Abel, yes, but not the name of the saint." "Aye, Petyr," he said softly. "I remember Petyr van Abel. Petyr van Abel saw Lasher." His entire demeanor seemed tame and thoughtful. His secret voice was at its most resonant and beautif...
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