Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It was all wood yet designed to look as if it were

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Unformatted text preview: "Don't you see that that is nothing but another form of witchcraft?" "And what do you teach me, you evil old man, that I must have intercourse with devils? To defeat it, I must know it? I shall stamp it out. I shall stamp out the line itself!" she cried. "You wait and you shall see. I shall leave the legacy without an heir. I shall see an end to it." I was in despair. I begged her to listen, to refine her concepts, to accept counsel and not to believe such a thing was possible. We were now an immense family! But she had taken all these mysteries, put them under her Catholic foot, and relied upon her rosary and her Masses to save her. Later Mary Beth told me to put no store in her words whatsoever. "She is a sad child," she said. "I do not love her. I tried to love her, but I do not. I love Stella. And Carlotta knows this, and knows she will not inherit the emerald. She has always known, and she is shaped in hate and jealousy." "But she is the cunning one, don't you see? Not Ste...
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