Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It was either that or shed never make it till morning

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Unformatted text preview: ld and loyal member of the Talamasca. He won't be happy that you've come so impulsively. Your show of affec- tion may even embarrass him." Yuri was silently infuriated by these words. He didn't like this big blond-haired man. "So I will find him and find out for myself. Listen, Stolov, I knew when I left I was out. Why are you talking this way to me-so patient, so agreeable? Does Aaron know you are here?" "Yuri, you are valuable to the Order. Anton is a new Superior General. Perhaps David Talbot would have handled things much bet- ter. It's in times of transition that we sometimes lose people whom we come, very much, to miss." The man gestured to the empty coffee shop, where china cups shimmered on smooth Formica tables. Smell of weak, American coffee, even here in this town. "No, I want to go on," said Yuri. "I am going to find Aaron. Then the three of us can talk, if you like. I want to tell Aaron I'm here." "You can't do that now. Aaron is at the hospital,"...
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