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It was from her that this fragrance emanated causing

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Unformatted text preview: ned, I saw it was true. These women were dead! I laid my hands on them repeatedly but there was no waking them! I couldn't cure them of death! I gathered up my robes, my sandals, dressed again and ran away. 5i9 How could these women have died? I remembered the words the Franciscan had said to me. "Never touch the flesh of a woman." It was the dead of night in Florence, but I managed to return to the monastery, and there I locked myself in my cell. When morning came, news of the deaths was all over Florence. A new form of plague had struck. I did what I have always done at such trouble. I went home to Assisi, walking the whole way. The mild winter was coming, which is never- theless a winter, and the journey was not easy. But I did not care. I knew someone was following me, a man on horseback, but I only caught glimpses of him from time to time. I was in despair. As soon as I reached the monastery I prayed. I prayed to Francis to guide me and to help me; I prayed to the Blessed Virgin to forgive me for my sins with these women. I lay on the floor of the church, arms out...
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