Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It was made known to me in no uncertain terms that

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Unformatted text preview: ped down beside her. "Did Ryan call you?" asked Anne Marie, her voice hushed and private though there were very few other people moving in the brightly lighted lobby. Elevator doors opened and closed in an alcove far away. The reception desk with its high impersonal counter was empty. "You mean about Mother?" Mona said. She hated this place. It occurred to her that when she was very rich and a huge Mayfair Mogul with mutual funds in every sector of the economy, she would spend some time on interior design, trying to liven up places as sterile and cold as this. Then she thought of Mayfair Medical! Of course that plan had to go forward! She had to help Ryan. They couldn't shut her out. She'd talk to Pierce about it tomorrow. She'd speak to Michael, soon as he felt a little better. She looked at Anne Marie. "Ryan said Mother was in here." "Yes, well, she is, and according to the nurses she thinks we're trying to permanently commit her. That's what she told them this morni...
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