Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It was now dark when they reached the traffic rushing

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Unformatted text preview: ender veal piccata was excellent! He left a large tip near his plate as he went out. But how long could this go on? On the fifteenth day of his adventure-perhaps-it might have been slightly later-he came upon the man who was to change the course of his life. It was November now and just getting cold. Yuri was in the Via Condotti, where he had bought himself a new cashmere scarf in one of the fashionable shops not too far from the Spanish Steps. His camera was hanging from his shoulder; his radio was in his shirt pocket under his sweater. He was loaded with cash, smoking a cigarette and munch- ing on popcorn from a small cellophane bag, as he strolled along, enjoying the early evening with the cafes full of lights and noisy Amer- icans, not thinking too much about the gypsies now, as he had not seen them since his flight. The narrow street was for pedestrians only, and the pretty young girls were going home from work, walking arm in arm as was their custom in Rome, or guiding their brightly painted Vespa scooters through the crowds to reach the nearby thoroughfares. Yuri was g...
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