Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It was one wrong judgment call after another i had

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Unformatted text preview: oint is you'd better come clean about what you know. We have to tell this family that this creature is on the prowl. We don't have time for vague talk of genetic illness, and genetic testing. We don't have time to go about gathering data. The family is too vulnerable. You realize that woman died today? She died while the family was burying Gifford!" "Did you know her?" "No. But I know she was thirty-five, a recluse by nature, and some- thing of a family nut, as they call them, of which there are a great many. Her grandmother Lauren Mayfair didn't approve of her very much. In fact, I'm fairly certain she went to see her this afternoon to condemn her roundly for not attending her cousin's funeral." "Well, she sure had a good excuse, didn't she?" said Lark. He was instantly sorry. "God, if I had a single clue as to where Rowan was." "What an optimist you are," said Lightner bitterly. "We have a lot of clues, don't we, but they do...
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