Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It was possible to see any car approaching the town

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Unformatted text preview: ess asked of me, How many strawberries grew in the sea? I answered him, as I thought good, As many as red herrings grew in the wood. She herself was becoming increasingly exhausted. She'd lost weight. The mere sight of herself in a lobby mirror alarmed her. "I have to find a quiet place, a laboratory, a place where we can work," she said. "God help me. I'm tired, I'm seeing things." In mo- ments of pure fatigue, a dread gripped her. Where was she? What was going to happen to her? He dominated her waking thoughts, and then she sank back into herself and thought, I am lost, I am like a person on a drug trip, an obsession. But she had to study him, see what he was, and in the midst of her worst doubts she realized she was passionately possessive of him, protective, and drawn to him. What would they do to him if they got hold of him? He had already committed crimes. He had stolen, perhaps he had killed for the pass- ports. She didn't know. She couldn't think straight. Just a quiet place, a laboratory, what if they could go secretly back to San Francisco....
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