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It was pretty much what theyd told him the

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Unformatted text preview: not about to leave, obviously. "Tell me your thoughts," said Michael to Aaron. "This is the first time I've really asked you since ... it happened. What do you think? Talk to me." "You mean you want my scholarly opinion," said Aaron, with that same touch of sourness, his eyes veering off. "I want your unbiased opinion," said Michael. "Ryan's refusal to believe in this whole thing is almost a religious stance. What is there you've been keeping from me?" He should ask Mona to go, he should escort her out, turn her over to Bea, take care of her. But he didn't do these things. He simply looked at Aaron. Aaron's face had tightened, then relaxed again. "I haven't been deliberately keeping back anything," he said, but the voice was not typical of him. "I'm embarrassed," he said, looking Michael in the eye. "I was heading this investigation until Rowan left. I thought I was heading it even afterwards. But there are strong indications...
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