Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It was the midwife now who calmed the other women and

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Unformatted text preview: d Michael. "I think you asked me that when I was still sick, when I was in the hospital. I haven't seen it. I think you searched this house." "Yes, we did," said Ryan. "We thought perhaps we had overlooked something." "He probably has it," said Mona softly. No one responded. "That could be," said Michael. He gave a little smile. "He prob- ably has it. Probably considered it his very own. But you never know . . ." He tried not to look like a lunatic, but it was suddenly very funny to him. The emerald! Did Lasher have it in his pocket? Would he try to sell it? That would be a hoot. The meeting had clearly come to an end. Bea would go up to Amelia Street. The others would go downtown. Mona threw her arms around Michael and kissed him and then ducked out as if she didn't want to see his anxious or reproving look. He was a bit stunned; it was like all her sweetness was clinging to him, and then there was this emptiness where she had just been. Beatrice gave Michael an urgent kiss, then took leave of her new husband, swe...
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