Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

It was to kill the thing not to be interested in it

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Unformatted text preview: a pain. "It's Cecilia," she said mercifully, patiently. "I know. Some of us Mayfairs were born looking like ghosts. I'll come in and sit with her if you like. I've just slept a good eight hours. Why don't you lie down here for a little while?" He shook his head. He felt so foolish and so badly shaken. And he hoped to God he hadn't hurt her feelings! He went back in to take up the vigil as before. Rowan, my Rowan. "What's that spot on her gown?" he asked the nurse. "Oh, must be a little water," said the nurse, pressing a dry wash- cloth to Rowan's breast. "I was wiping her face and moistening her lips. Do you want me to massage her now, just move her arms, keep them flexible?" "Yes, do it. Do anything and everything. Do it whenever you get bored. If she shows the slightest . . ." "Of course." He sat down and closed his eyes. He was drifting. Julien said some- thing to him, but he was just remembering, the long story, the ima...
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