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Italy filled my soul with its music its gardens its

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Unformatted text preview: h at first I could not understand. But the priest went to the far wall and, reaching up to point to them-they were well over his head-read them out to me from the Latin into English so their meaning went into me complete and entire: St. Ashlar Beloved of Christ And the Holy Virgin Mary Who will come again. Heal the sick Comfort the afflicted Ease the pangs Of those who must die Save us From everlasting darkness Drive out the demons from the glen. Be our guide Into the Light. My soul was filled with reverence. The music began again, dis- tantly, and jubilantly as before. I resisted it, trying not to let it overtake me, but I couldn't prevent it, and the spell of the Latin words was dissipated, and then I was led away. We were soon gathered in the priest's quarters in the Cathedral sacristy, and he sat with us at the table. The room was small and warm, quite unlike any chamber I had seen so far, except in a country inn perhaps, and very pleasant it seemed to me. I put my hands to the fire, then remembered that the Laird had wanted to burn me, and dre...
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