Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Its addressed to us both there are two copies one for

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Unformatted text preview: she would protect her from something, though how, one could not tell. "Come on, Ancient Evelyn, come with us," said Beatrice. "Come on, darling Viv. Let's go near the fire." The very old woman, Ancient Evelyn, whispered something softly under her breath. She pointed to the window, her finger dropping as if she hadn't strength to keep it aloft. Again she pointed; again the finger dropped. "Come on, now, dear, you're doing it again," said the woman ad- dressed as Darling Viv. She was kind. "I can't hear you. Now, Ancient Evelyn, you can talk." She sounded as if she were coaxing a baby. "You know you can. You were talking words all day yesterday. Talk, dear, talk so I can hear." The ancient one murmured again indistinctly. She continued to point. All Yuri saw was the dark street, the neighboring houses, the lights, the dark heavy soaring trees. Aaron took his arm. A young woman with jet-black hair and beautiful gold earrings approached them...
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