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Its an old legend man perhaps a joke he said though

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Unformatted text preview: and grandson. The witch was a poor cunning woman from the village, called to account for bewitching some other humble person. We hear of no Sabbats. But God knows, they were held in other places up there. And this woman had been known to go to the pagan circle of stones, and that was used against her." "The stones themselves. What do you know of them?" "Big controversy. Some say they are as old as Stonehenge, maybe older. I think they have something to do with the Picts, that at one time there were carvings on them. They're very rough, those stones, and all of different sizes. They are remnants of what was once there, and I think at one time, they were deliberately defaced-all the inscriptions chipped off or worn off, and then the rest of the work was done by the weather." He opened a small book of drawings. "This is the art of the Picts," he said. I felt a terrible moment of disorientation. I don't know what it meant. I shall never forget it. I looked at these war...
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