Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Its best believe me yes he said and from there we

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Unformatted text preview: ty feet or more to the grass below. And what would she do if she did manage to get down there? He had the keys to the car. He always carried them. Would she run to others for help, explain she was being kept prisoner? Then what would he do? She could think it through, all the possibilities. They went round like horses on a carousel in her mind until she gave up. She washed, dressed, and wrote in her diary. Once again, she listed all the little things she had observed: that his skin was maturing, that his jaw was now firm, but not the top of his head, but mostly she recounted what had happened since they had come to Donnelaith, his curious reactions to the ruins. In the great room of the inn downstairs, she found him at the table with the old innkeeper in fast conversation. The man stood for her, respectfully, and pulled out her chair. "Sit down," Lasher said to her. Her breakfast was being prepared now, he had heard her tread above when she stepped out of bed. "I'm sure," she said griml...
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