Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Its own enzymes dissolve it at the moment of death

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Unformatted text preview: as just begun. If this creature had surfaced twenty years ago, it would have passed for human. It would have appeared to be some kind of freak." "So you're telling me Rowan isn't a human being?" "No, she is human. Absolutely. As I was trying to explain, every other test taken on her throughout her life has been normal; her pediat- ric records, all normal, growth rate normal. Which means that this entire set of extra chromosomes was never switched on during her development . . . until this child started to grow in her womb." "And what happened then?" "I suspect its conception triggered several complex chemical re- sponses in Rowan. That's why the amniotic fluid is full of all kinds of nutrients. The fluid was dense with proteins and amino acids. There is some evidence that a substantial yolk remained with this developing creature long after the embryonic stage. And the breast milk. Did you know there was breast milk? It's not normal density or comp...
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