Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Its the gypsy in me said yuri dont worry the man

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Unformatted text preview: w it in. An hour! "Henri, get me my jacket. Find my wallet. Down in the library. I left my keys and my wallet on the floor." "Mercy Hospital," said Ryan. "They're ready for her. The Mayfair Floor. We'll meet you there. You haven't seen Dr. Larkin, have you?" Michael had on his jacket within seconds. He drank the glass of orange juice Eugenia pushed at him, as she reminded him in no uncer- tain terms that he had had no supper, that it was eleven o'clock at night. "Henri, go bring the car around. Hurry." Rowan alive. Rowan would be at Mercy Hospital in less than an hour. Rowan coming home. Goddamnit to hell, I knew it, knew she would come back, but not like this! He hurried down to the front hall, taking his keys from Eugenia, and his wallet and stuffing it in his pocket. Money clip. Didn't need it. Mayfair Floor. Where he himself had lain after the heart attack, hooked 399 to machines and listening to them, like the grinding of that Victrola. And she...
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