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Ive only begun to break it down thats the problem can

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Unformatted text preview: covered, no matter how random or contra- dictory. I have to explain all this to the family tomorrow! I have to explain it to myself." Mitch curled his right hand and pressed it to his mouth to cover a slight cough. He cleared his throat. "As I said, it isn't Homo sapiens," he began, looking directly at Lark. "It may look like Homo sapiens, however. Its skin is much more plastic-in fact, you only find skin like that in human fetuses, and apparently the creature will retain this plasticity, though only time will tell. The skull appears to be malleable, like that of an infant, and that too may be permanent, but it's impossible to tell. It still had the soft spot, the fontanel, when it was last X-rayed; indeed there's some indication the fontanel is permanent." "Lord God," said Lark. He couldn't resist touching his own head. The fontanels of babies always made him nervous! But then Lark didn't have any children; mothers seemed to get used to it, having little critters around with sk...
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