Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Julien got me with child and that was your mother

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Unformatted text preview: Deirdre's chair. Ancient Evelyn had seen it too, no doubt in Gifford's mind. And Aunt Carlotta, that steely, cold and vicious Aunt Carlotta, had chatted with them in the dreary parlor as if there were no ghost there at all. As for Deirdre, she had been already catatonic. "Poor child," An- cient Evelyn had said. "Julien foresaw everything." That was one of those statements Ancient Evelyn always refused to explain, though she often repeated it. And later, to her little granddaughter Gifford: "Deir- dre's known all the sorrow and never knew the fun of being one of us." "There was fun?" Gifford wondered about that now, as she had wondered then. What did Ancient Evelyn mean by fun? Gifford sus- pected she knew. It was all recorded in those old photographs of her with Oncle Julien. Julien and Evelyn in the Stutz Bearcat on a summer day, in white coats and goggles. Julien and Evelyn under the oaks at Audubon Park; Julien and Evelyn in Julien's third-floor room. And then th...
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