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Unformatted text preview: edding, that horrid Lauren Mayfair had even said, "Nobody wears gloves anymore," as if it didn't matter. Perhaps Lauren was right. Ancient Evelyn didn't mind so terribly about the gloves. She had her brooches and her pins. Her stockings were not wrinkled at all. Her shoes were tied. Mona had tied them yesterday very tight. She was ready to go. She did not look at her face; she never did anymore because it wasn't her face, it was someone else's old and wrinkled face, with deep vertical lines, very solemn and cold, and drooping lids, and the skin was too large for the bones underneath, and her eyebrows and her chin had lost their contour. She would prefer to think about the walk ahead. It made her happy merely to think of it, and that Gifford was gone, and if Ancient Evelyn fell, or was struck down, or became lost, there was no more grand- daughter Gifford to become hysterical. It felt wonderful to her sud- denly to be free of Gifford's love-as if a gate had opened wide once more on the world. And...
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