Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Julien why didnt you come to tell me well over half a

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Unformatted text preview: e's going to find out about that other one, that the body's in the attic. When you're a Mayfair you can kill anyone you want, and nobody does anything about it. Nobody can think what to do." She'd shrugged, and a month later her brother Lionel killed her. No more Stella. No more anyone who knew about the Victrola or Julien with Eve- lyn in Julien's bedroom. Evelyn's only living witness gone to the grave. It had not been a simple thing, during Julien's last illness, to get the Victrola out of the house. He'd waited for a time when Mary Beth and Carlotta were not at home, and then sent the boys down to fetch another "music box," as he stubbornly called it, from the dining room. And only when he had a record ready to play full blast on the big one, did he tell her to take the little Victrola and run away. He'd told her to sing as she walked with it, sing as if it were playing, just sing and sing aloud until she reached her house uptown. "People will think I am crazy," she ha...
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