Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Just as she hoped it made him weak with laughter he

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Unformatted text preview: I could have had this thing under control. And in the pool of moonlight falling on the grassy floor of the castle's gutted main hall, she found it easier to blame herself, to casti- gate herself, to hate herself, than to hurt him. It was doubtful she could have done it anyway. The one time she accelerated her step behind him on the stairs, he turned and grabbed hold of her and put her up in front of him. He was ever vigilant. He could lift her effortlessly with one of his long gibbonlike arms, and deposit her on her feet wherever he wished. He had no fear of falling. But something in the castle made him afraid. He was trembling and crying as they left the castle. He said he wanted to see the Cathedral. The moon had drifted behind the clouds, but the glen was still washed in an even pale light, and he knew the way, ignoring the preordained path and cutting down through the slopes from the base of the castle. At last they came to the town itself, to the excavated foundations of its walls, its battlements, its gates, its little main street, all roped off an...
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