Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Just forget about the police because you know as well

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Unformatted text preview: church, a neighborhood filled with Irish and German immigrants. Out came an Irish priest, for Irish priests were everywhere in those days. We were a missionary country for the Irish, who were out to convert the world as surely then as they had been in the time of St. Brendan. "Listen to me," I said, "if I wanted to exorcise a devil, would it help to know exactly who he was? To know his name if he had one?" "Yes," said he. "But you should trust such things to priests. Know- ing his name could be a great great advantage." "I thought so," said I. I looked up. We stood at the rectory door at the curb of the street LASHER but to the right lay a walled garden. And now I saw the trees begin to thrash and move and throw down their leaves. Indeed so strong came the wind that it stirred the little bell in the small church steeple. "I'll learn its name," I said. The more the trees thrashed, the more the leaves were whipped into a storm,...
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