Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Katherine thought she had left the family curse

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Unformatted text preview: nd, plying him with fancy words and wine and heaps of gold, and assuring him we would know what he knew of God and the Devil. He had been possessed by many a spirit, he averred. Fine, we have a nice one for you. We talked voodoo and we talked trash and lies. We had him ripe to welcome this powerful god, Lasher. In Marguerite's rooms with the doors bolted once more, we called Lasher down into this man, who of his own free will surrendered to the possession. At first, the creature lay still, a small-boned old man, skin very pale, hair very yellow, and then as he opened his eyes, we saw another life was inside him! The eyes fixed upon us, and the mouth moved, and a voice deeper than that of the man himself, yet from the same throat, said: "Ah, my beloveds, I see you." The voice was flat and horrid. Indeed it roared from the mouth, and the eyes of the creature were wild and without intelligent expression. "Sit up!" declared Marguerite. "Be strong! Take possession!" And she urged me to say these words with her, and...
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