Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Katherine was my innocent self perhaps the child i

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Unformatted text preview: deep and drew me with her into magic. We sent for books from all over the world. The slaves came to us for medicines for every illness. And we grew stronger and stronger so that soon we could cure many common aches with the simple laying on of hands. And Lasher was always our ally in this, and if the daemon knew some secret that would cure the sick one-that he had been accidentally poisoned perhaps-it would make these secrets known to us. When I was not at my experiments, I was with Katherine, taking her into New Orleans to see the opera, the ballet, whatever dramas we could, showing her the fine restaurants, and taking her for walks so that she might see the world itself, which a woman could not really do without an escort. She was as always innocent and full of love, slight of build, dark, and perhaps a little feebleminded. It began to penetrate to me that in our inbreeding we had encour- aged certain weaknesses. In fact, now amongst my cousins I began to study these things, and feeblemindedne...
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