Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Larkin there is one other very important matter said

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Unformatted text preview: clearly pale with anger. "You can describe or identify this person?" he asked. "Let's get on with what we have to do," said Aaron. "We almost lost Michael on Christmas Day. Michael was unable to tell us anything for weeks. Michael was ..." "It's OK, Aaron," said Michael. "It's OK. Ryan, what do you want to know? She left with a man. He was six feet two, he was thin, he was wearing my clothes. He had black hair. I don't think he looks the same now. His hair wasn't long. He wasn't so tall. Do you believe me? Do you believe anything anybody's told you? Ryan, I know who he is. So does the Talamasca." Ryan seemed incapable of responding. Pierce was also obviously stunned. "Uncle Ryan, it was 'the man,' " said Mona flatly. "For Chrissakes, get off Michael's case. He didn't let 'the man' through. It was Rowan." "Stay out of this, Mona!" Ryan flashed. It seemed he would lose control completely. Pierce laid his hand on his fath...
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