Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Lasher perfectly monstrous suddenly a man who was

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Unformatted text preview: periodically to . . ." The doctor nodded placatingly and gestured for attention: "At any time," he said, "that Rowan's heart does stop, she will not be resuscitated by artificial means. No one will give her any injec- tions, or pump oxygen into her. There is no respirator here. She will be allowed to die as God wills. Now, because you ask me, I must tell you. This could go on indefinitely. It could stop at any time. Patients like this have been known to survive for years. A few have come back, true. Others die within days. All we can say now is that Rowan's body is restoring itself-from her injuries, from the malnu- trition she suffered. But the brain . . . the brain cannot be restored in the same way." "But she could live into another era," said Pierce eagerly, "into a time of some momentous new discovery." "Absolutely," said the doctor. "And every conceivable medical pos- sibility will be explored. Neurological consultations will begin tomor- row. It is easily with...
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