Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Lasher was near lasher was in the room and he knew my

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Unformatted text preview: ale, I will go on to something greater. Punishment even would have its shape, its purpose, some conviction of meaning. I cannot imagine eternal flames. But I can imagine eternal meaning. WE LEFT Italy immediately as the daemon had asked us to do. We journeyed north, stopping again in Paris for only two days before we made the crossing, and drove north to Edinburgh. The daemon seemed quiet. When I tried to engage it in conversa- tion, it would say only, "I remember Suzanne," and there was some- thing utterly without hope in its manner. Now in Edinburgh a remarkable thing happened. Mary Beth, in my presence, begged that the daemon come with her and protect her. She, who had gone out with me disguised, would now wander on her own, with only her familiar to protect her. In sum, she lured Lasher away, whistling to herself as she went out, walking in a man's tweed coat and breeches, her hair swept up beneath a small shapeless cap, her steps big and easy as any boy's steps might be. And I, alone, went at once to the University of E...
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