Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Laughter he said laughter which means what i asked i

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Unformatted text preview: right there in the sickroom, with everyone sobbing and the shutters banging in the wind, and the priest in a state of terror, the damned fiend appeared over my mother's shoulder, and our eyes met, and his were soft with a plea, and filled with tears for me to see, and then of course, like that, he vanished. That's the way my own tale will end, don't you think? You will tell LASHER the final words. "Then Julien vanished." And where will I be? Where will I go? Was I in heaven before you called me here, or in hell? I am so weary I don't care anymore and that is perhaps a blessing. But to return to that long-ago noisy moment when the rain was blowing in, and my grandmother lay neat and small on the bed beneath layers of pretty lace and my mother, gaunt and dark-haired, stared at me, and the fiend behind took the form of a handsome man, and little Katherine cried in the cradle-it was the beginning of my true life as my mother's cohort. First, after the funeral and the burial in the parish cemetery-we Catholics never had cemeteries on our own land, but only...
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