Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Lauren was down the hall sam mayfair and two of the

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Unformatted text preview: and Violetta singing to all those men. "What poor women? What are you talking about? It's like I'm Rip Van Winkle. Give me the time." LASHER "The time is eleven-thirty p.m., boss," said Henri. "I'm talking about the other Mayfair women, Miss Mona's mother dying uptown, and poor Miss Edith downtown, though best I can remember I never met her, and I don't even remember the name of the other lady, and the lady in Houston and the one after that." "You're telling me all these women are dead? These Mayfair women?" "Yes, boss. All died the same way, Miss Bea said. Mr. Aaron called. Everybody was calling. We didn't even know you were home. The lights were out upstairs in that room. How would I know you were asleep on the floor?" Henri went on, something about looking all over the house for Michael, saying to Eugenia this and that, and going outside to look for him, and on and on. Michael didn't hear it. He was watching the decayed old brick buildings of Magazine S...
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