Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Let me tell him you are going to the st regis we can

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Unformatted text preview: er came back into the room. "Bad news?" he asked. Lightner took his usual seat in the morris chair, and pondered, finger curled beneath his lip, before he answered. He was a pale man with rather attractive white hair, and a very disarming personal man- ner. He was also really fatigued. Lark thought this was the one with the heart to worry about. "Well," said Lightner, "I'm in an awkward position. It seems Erich Stolov was the one who signed for Gifford's clothes in Florida. He was here. He picked up her old clothes at the funeral parlor. And now he's gone, and he and I have not consulted on all this with each other." "But he's a member of your gang." "Yes," Aaron answered with a slight sarcastic grimace. "A member of my gang. And the advice from the Elders according to the new Superior General is that I am not to question 'that part' of the investiga- tion." "So what does all this mean?" Lightner grew quiet before answering. Then he looked up. "You said something earlier to me about genetic test...
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