Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Lightner had been drawn away over and over again by

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Unformatted text preview: was the scent that woke me up, and then I heard the noise of the window." How calm she was. He was in a blaze of protective fury. He opened the front door, and went out first, to the edge of the porch. Anyone could have hidden anywhere out there, behind the oaks, across the street behind a wall, even low down among the big elephant ears and palms that crowded his own garden. My own garden. "I'm going, Michael, I'll call you later," she said. "You must be nuts, you think I'm going to let you walk off home like this in the dark? Are you crazy?" She stopped on the steps. She had been about to protest, but then she too cast a wary eye on the shadows that surrounded them. She looked thoughtfully up into the branches and at the dark shadows of Chestnut Street. "I've got an idea. You follow me. Then when he LASHER springs out, whoever he is, you kill him with your hammer. You have your hammer?" "That's ridiculous. I'll drive you home," he said. He pulled her in and shut the door. Henri was in the kitchen, just as he ought to have been, in white shirt an...
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