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Like two eyes these windows the shades were up the

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Unformatted text preview: rom more than one primate species." It was the eyewitness material from Donnelaith that killed him. "The woman was sick. She stayed in her room most of the time. But when he went out, she went with him. It was as if he insisted she go. She looked sick, very sick. I almost suggested that she see a physician." At one point, in Geneva, Rowan was described by a hotel clerk as being an emaciated woman of perhaps 120 pounds. He found that horri- fying. He stared at the Xeroxes of the forged checks. Forgery! It wasn't even good. It was a great old-fashioned Elizabethan hand, by God, like something out of a parchment document. Payee: Oscar Aldrich Tamen. Why had he chosen that name? When Michael looked on the back of the check he realized. Fake passport. The bank clerk had written down all the information. Surely they were following up that lead. Then he saw the law firm memorandum. Oscar Aldrich Tamen had last been seen in New York on February rjth. Wife reported him missing on February i6th. Where- abouts unknown. Conclusion? Stolen passport. He slapped shut the manila folder. He put his hands up and leaned on them, a...
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