Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Little quadroon girls very beautiful all colored

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Unformatted text preview: in general before I had time to evaluate it. The war, the loss of my sister, her subsequent rape-all these had further illuminated for me what I'd already come to suspect, that I required something deep and of value to make me happy. Wealth wasn't enough; the flesh wasn't enough. If my family could not prosper I could not draw breath! And I wanted to draw breath. I was no more ready to let go of life-of health, of pleasure, of prosperity-than a newborn baby screaming as loudly as Mary Beth had screamed. Also I wanted to know and love my daughter. Above all else I wanted this, and I knew for the first time why so many legends and so many fairy tales have at their core the simple treasure-a child, an heir, a little infant in one's arm, made up of oneself and another. Enough. You get the picture. My life hung by a thread, and I knew I didn't want to lose it. What could I do? The answer came within days. I saw the fiend perpetually hovering by Mary Beth's cradle. Everyone else saw it too. "The man" gave his ble...
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