Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Lost his vision was blurred but then it was so

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Unformatted text preview: ting. And in came the servers with platters of meat, and pitchers of wine. "We will have the Christmas Feast after all," cried my father. "We will not live in fear any longer." In came the boys with the roasted boar's head on its huge platter, and the roasted animals themselves on their blackened spits, and every- where I saw about me the ladies in their splendid gowns and the children dancing in groups and in circles, and finally all stood up to make informal rings beneath the great roof and lift one foot and do the tribal dance. "Ashlar," said my father. "You have given the Lord back to us. God bless you." I sat at the table astonished, watching all of them, my brain throb- bing with the beat of the drums. I saw the bagpipers now dancing as they played, which was no small feat. And I watched the circles break and form into other circles. And the smell of the food was rich and intoxicating. And the fire was a great blinding blaze. I closed my eyes. I do not know how long I lay with my head against the back of the chair, listening to their la...
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