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Anne Rice v1 Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: in-covered holes in their skulls. "This thing was never a conventional fetus, by the way," said Mitch. "The cells from the amniotic fluid indicate it was a fully devel- oped diminutive male adult when it was born; it probably unwound itself with remarkable elasticity and walked away from its mother, the way a young colt or a young giraffe walks away after birth." "A total mutation," said Lark. "No, put that word out of your mind entirely. This is no mutation. This appears to be the product of a separate and complex evolutionary process. The end product of a whole different set of chance mutations and choices over some millions of years. If Rowan Mayfair hadn't given birth to this-and it is certain now to me from the specimens that she did-my guess is we would be dealing with some creature developed in full isolation on some unknown continent, something older than Homo erectus or Homo sapiens, much older in fact, and with an entire spectrum of genetic inheritance from other species, which human be- ings don't possess." &qu...
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