Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Many people described the male companion yuri was

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Unformatted text preview: te looked for a role to play-could he perhaps gather information on Donnelaith for Aaron? Otherwise, the totality of the story did not impress itself on his mind. The Talamasca files were filled with strange stories, some far stranger than this. The Talamasca itself held many mysteries. They had never been Yuri's concern. The week before Christmas, the Elders announced the resignation of David Talbot as Superior General, and that a man of German-Italian background, Anton Marcus, would take his place. No one in London knew Anton Marcus. Yuri didn't know Anton. Yuri's main concern was that he had never had the chance to tell David good-bye. There was some mystery sur- rounding David's disappearance, and, as often happens in the Tala- masca, the members spoke of the Elders, and the remarks were made reflecting puzzlement and resentment, and confusion as to how the Order was organized and run. People wanted to know-would David remain an Elder, assuming he had always been one, now that he was retired? Were Elders made up of retired...
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