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Marguerite was only mad with her experiments of

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Unformatted text preview: ; I asked. "Are you male or female, or simply a neuter thing?" "Don't you know?" it asked. "I wouldn't ask if I did," I answered. "Male!" it said. "Male, male, male, male!" I stifled my own giggles at its pride and ranting. But I must confess that from then on, it was in my mind both an "it" and a "he" as you can hear from my story. At some times it seemed so devoid of common sense that I could only perceive it as a monstrous thing, and at other times, it took on a distinct character. So bear with my vascillation if you will. When calling it. by name, I often thought of it as "he." And in my angry moments, stripped it of its sex, and cursed it as too childish to be anything but neuter. You will see from this tale that the witches saw it variously as "he" and "it." And there were reasons. But let me return to the moment. The porch, the being caressing me. When I grew tired of its embrace, a...
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