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Maybe it was so with all families i thought at the

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Unformatted text preview: Cathedral. Yes, I'm telling you the truth; they'll come asking for the Glen of Donnelaith and they'll journey up there to look about in search of something. And then you are here, asking the very same questions, really, in your own way. The last person was a scholar from Amster- dam." "Amsterdam." "Yes, there is an order of scholars there. Indeed, they have a Mother- house in London also. They are organized like religious but they have no beliefs. Over my lifetime they have come some six times to explore the glen. They have a very strange name. Luckier than the saint, I suppose. Their name is unforgettable." "What is it?" asked I. "Talamasca," he said. "They are really very well-educated men, with a great respect for books. Here, see this little Book of the Hours? It's a gem! They gave it to me. They always bring me something. See this? This is one of the first King James Bibles ever printed. They brought that last time they visited. They go camp in that glen, really, they do. They stay for weeks and then they go away, invariably disap- pointed." I was overcome with excitement. All I could think of...
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