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Maybe they were gone sometimes he hung about the

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Unformatted text preview: lgent disor- ganization, learning to read early almost entirely from magazines and newspapers, and loving to roam the streets. When the gypsies got Yuri, that was when his bitterness and his silence began. And he never forgot that they had been his own kins- men, his cousins, this band of thieves who bought children and dragged them to Paris and to Rome to steal. They had got their hands on Yuri after his mother's death in her native village in Serbia, a miserable place to which she had retreated as soon as she realized she was going to die. Years later Yuri tried to find the little village and what was left of that family; but he could not retrace that journey, northward through Italy and into Serbia. His memory of those traveling days had been maimed by suffering-the knowledge that his mother was in great pain, and laboring for every breath, that he was in a strange land, and that he might soon be alone. Why had he stayed with the gypsies for so long? Why had he been such a good little pickpoc...
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