Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Mayfairs could read other peo ples minds a lot of the

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Unformatted text preview: n't smell anything!" she'd said with annoyance. Well, maybe that was true. Mayfairs could read other peo- ple's minds a lot of the time, but they were good at blocking out each other. Mona wanted to touch everything. She wanted to look for the Vic- trola. She did not care about the pearls. She wanted the Victrola. And she wanted to know THE BIG FAMILY SECRET-what had happened to Rowan Mayfair on Christmas Day. Why had Rowan left her new husband, Michael? And why had they found him drowned in the ice- cold swimming pool? Just nearly dead. Everybody had thought he was going to die after that, except Mona. Of course Mona could conjecture what happened like everyone else. But she wanted more than that. She wanted the Michael Curry version. And to date, there was no such version. If he'd told anyone what happened on Christmas Day, it was his friend Aaron Lightner, from the Talamasca, who would not tell anyone else. But people felt too sorry for Michael to press it. They'd thought he was going to die from what happened to him. Mona had managed to...
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