Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Meantime the fiend was ever urging me to new lovers

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Unformatted text preview: we repeated them again, our eyes fixed on the thing. LASHER The man rose up, arms outstretched, and then these were let to flop at his sides, and he almost toppled over. He struggled to his feet, and then he did fall, but we rushed to catch him. His fingers wriggled in the air, and then he managed to close one hand on my neck, which I didn't particularly like, but I knew he was too weak to do me any harm, and it said again in that awful voice: "My beloved Julien." "Take possession of the being forever," cried Marguerite. "Take this body as if it were your right." And then the whole body began to tremble; and before my eyes once more, as had happened with the infant, the hair of the creature began somewhat to darken. And it seemed the face was wildly con- torted. And then the poor old body fell dead, in our arms, and if the old man was there again even for an instant, we never knew it. But as we laid him down upon the bed, Marguerite made a careful study. She showed me patches of his skin which had been rendered white, and the parts of the hair which were distinctly dark as if some energy had erupted from within and changed these things. I...
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