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Meantime the spirit was ever attentive it put gold

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Unformatted text preview: tigued and often more tormented than it had been before, and it oftentimes killed whom it had possessed out of sheer rage and envy. This meant 25V one had to be very careful in helping it with such tricks, for the innocent body used for such purposes might very well be destroyed after. Such had happened to one of Marie Claudette's nephews, she told me-one of my very own cousins-before she had learnt to control the thing and make it obey or starve it with silence and covering her eyes and pretending not to hear it. "It is not so hard to torture at times," she said. "It feels, and it forgets, and it weeps. I don't envy it." "Me neither," I said aloud and she said: "Never scorn it. It will hate you for that. Look away always when you see it." Like hell, I thought, but I didn't confess it. It wasn't more than a month after that that she died. I was out in the swamps with Octavius. We had run away to live in the wild like Robinson Crusoe. We had docked our little flat-bot- tomed boat and had made a camp, and while he gather...
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