Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Meantime we had made the first street house ours my

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Unformatted text preview: wth from the warm, verdant earth, something mon- strous and . . . "No, Mother. No. I am beautiful. Mother, please, please, don't leave me." nineteen THE POSITION wasn't embarrassing. It was flat-out crazy. He had been on the phone for forty-five minutes to the Keplinger people. "Look," said the young doctor on the other end. "It says you came yourself, you took the files, you said that it was top secret." "Damn it, I'm in New Orleans, Louisiana, you fool. I was here all day yesterday. I'm at the Pontchartrain Hotel. I'm with the Mayfair and Mayfair people now! I didn't pick up anything! What you're saying is, the material is gone." "Absolutely, Dr. Larkin. Gone. Unless there's a copy somewhere filed in such a way that I can't access it. And I don't think there is. I can keep . .." "About Mitch. How is he?" "Oh, he's not going to make it, Dr. Larkin. If you could see him, you wouldn't want him to. Don't pray for that now. Look, hi...
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