Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Michael i could tell you so much but it is not the

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Unformatted text preview: n't you kill them?" I said. "Because I would know what they know," he said, "and there is no real reason. Beware of them. They are alchemists and liars." "How old are you?" "Ageless!" "Why were you in Donnelaith?" Silence. "How did you come to be there?" "Suzanne called me, I told you." "But you were there before Suzanne." "There is no there before Suzanne." LASHER And so on it went, intriguing but never really advancing the story very far or revealing a practical secret. "It is time for you to come and help your mother. Your strength is necessary." This meant, of course, help Marguerite with her experiments. All right, I thought, though if she keeps burning those stinking candles and mumbling Latin words of which she doesn't know the meaning, I am leaving! I followed Lasher into her rooms. She had just come in with an infant, feeble but alive, which had been left at the church door by its slave mother. The i...
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