Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Michael the hammer said julien the hammer on the sill

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Unformatted text preview: as my sister nodded. He went on. "We are an Order called the Talamasca. We know the Taltos. We always have. Our founder beheld with his own eyes the Taltos of his time. It was his great dream to bring the male Taltos together with the female Taltos, or with the witch whose blood was strong enough to take the male's seed. That has been our purpose for centuries, to watch, to wait, and to rescue the Taltos!-to rescue a male and a female in one generation if such a thing does occur! Ashlar, we know where there is a female! Do you understand?" I could see this startled my sister. She had not known it, and now she looked at the Dutchman with suspicion, but he went on, urgently, as before. LASHER "Have you a soul, Father?" he whispered to me, changing his man- ner now to a more wily one, "and a wit to know what it means? A pure female Taltos? And a brood of children born knowing, able to stand and to talk on the first day! Children who can so quickly beget other children?" "Oh, what a fool you are," I said. "You come like the fie...
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