Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Michael went down on his knees beside it and slammed

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Unformatted text preview: have gathered as we have waited. If you are not the simpleton, then come." "And what are you?" I demanded. "The alchemist who would make a great homunculus?" 543 My sister put down her head on the table and wept. "In my childhood I heard the legends," she said bitterly, wiping at her tears with her long fingers. "I prayed the Taltos would never come. No man shall ever touch me lest such a creature would be born to me! And if such were to happen, God forbid, I should strangle it before it ever drank the witch's milk from my breasts. But you, Brother, you were allowed to live, you drank your fill of the witch's milk and grew tall. Yet you were sent away to be saved. And now you have come home to fulfill the worst prophecies. Don't you see? The witches may be spreading the word now. The vengeful little people will learn that you are here. The Protestants surround this valley. They are waiting for the chance to come down upon us, waiting for the spark to light their fire." "...
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