Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Mona and pierce sat quiet together on a wooden seat

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Unformatted text preview: at to the family. You speak of a threat to the Order. What about the threat to others? What is the moral disposition of this entity? If it does mate successfully, what will be the conse- quences?" "Ah, but that will not happen. It is unthinkable that that should happen. You do not know what you ask." "Oh, I think I do," said Yuri. "I spoke, after all, with those who've seen it. Once this creature has secured the proper females, it could propagate at remarkable speed-the sort of speed one sees in the insect world or the world of reptiles, a speed so much greater than that of other mammals that it would soon overrun them, overpower them, conceivably wipe them out." "You are very clever. You know too much about this thing. It's unfortunate that you read the file, that you went to Donnelaith. But don't fear, this creature will not succeed. And who knows its life span? Who knows but that its hour, with or without propagation, would not be short?" Stolov lifted h...
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