Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Mona could have begun now if anybody would take a

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Unformatted text preview: er day would come. And until then she had plenty of time after school to study stocks, bonds, money instruments, and the like. Her dream really was the management of her own mutual fund, called Mona One. She'd invite Mayfairs only to buy in, and she'd handpick every company in which the fund invested, on the basis of its environmental worthiness. Mona knew from the Wall Street Journal and from the New York Times what was going on. Environmentally sensitive companies were making big bucks. Somebody had invented a microbe that ate oil spills and could even clean up your oven for you, if you turned it loose inside. This was the wave of the future. Mona One would be a legend among mutual funds, like Fidelity Magellan, or Nicholas II. Mona could have begun now, if anybody would take a chance on her. If only the Realm of Adults would open, just one tiny little bit, and let her in! Uncle Ryan was interested, yes, and amused and amazed and con- fused, but not about to take a chance. "Keep...
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