Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Mona padded softly down the corridor catching a

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Unformatted text preview: way by air, would they?" "No," she said. "If you hurt Michael Curry, I will take my own life. I will not be of further use to you." "I'm not sure you're of use to me now," he said. "The world is filled with more amiable and agreeable people than you, people who sing better." "So why don't you kill me?" she said. As he reflected, she did her level best with every invisible power at her command to kill him. It was useless. She wanted^now to die, or to sleep forever. Possibly they were the same thing. "I thought you were something immense, something innocent," she said. "Something wholly unknown and new." "I know you did!" he answered sharply, infuriated, and dangerous, blue eyes flashing. 239 "I don't think you are now." "Your job is to find out what I am." "I'm trying," she said. "You know you find me beautiful." "So what?" she said. "I hate you." "Yes, it was plain in your notebooks, 'this new species,' 'this crea- ture,' 'this being'-how clinically you spo...
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